Review of Small Reports Fortune
by Jimmy D. Brown

Call me a skeptic.  I’ve seen it all online.  You know what I’m talking about … the latest and greatest marketing “secret” to make you wealthy.

I’ve forked over money for more “sure shots” and “can’t misses” than I care to reveal.

Know what I mean?

I’ve heard all about how “this one’s different” and all that garbage.  And, I’ve been disappointed time and time again.

That’s why I was PLEASANTLY surprised when I saw the new course from Jimmy D. Brown.

I know, I know – Jimmy has an impeccable reputation for delivering (even over-delivering) quality information products.
That’s not something I would even question.

However -

When he released a new course on creating ebooks, I thought, “What in the world could he possibly have to say on the subject that hasn’t already been said?”

I thought that was a fair question.

And I must say that I’m impressed with the answer.

Jimmy has put together a nice course here that teaches how to create small reports…

The case studies he provides at his site attention-grabbers for sure -

* Over eighteen-thousand dollars in monthly residuals.
* Over thirty-thousand dollars in one day profit.
* Over one million dollars in total profit.

All from writing short reports.

But, as impressive as all that is, what really got my
attention – and my endorsement – was the fact that he shows anyone (even rank beginners!) how to start from scratch and actually make a profit in just 7 days.

That means, if right now you have no list, no web site, no ideas … nothing … you can still actually make money from this system in just 1 week.

(Of course, if you have some of those things, you can see  results even quicker!)

Jimmy has even included as one of the bonuses, a 16-page report that offers a systematic checklist broken down into daily activities for you to complete.

Assignments appear in chronological order, completely cover the entire process of creating a small report from start to finish and refer to specific pages of the main manual and bonuses to provide complete, detailed instructions for completing each assignment.

I mean, it’s all broken down into easy-to-do steps!

And, best of all, he shows his exclusive never-before-revealed “Six Phases Of A Six Figure Small Report Business”

In order words, there’s a “small fortune” to be made with these “small reports”!

The course comes as 101-page manual in .PDF format, 7 downloadable .MP3 sessions, 4 exclusive bonuses in .PDF format and a set of video tutorials.

For this price, you’re getting a course in market research, a course in copywriting, a course in web creation, a course in marketing your product… I mean, it’s almost silly how thorough he is in this one product. It’s truly a comprehensive, step-by-step course.

The only thing that Jimmy doesn’t do is actually sit down and write the reports for you — but I do think that’s understandable since the price is so reasonable. ;)

If you order today, you can *LITERALLY* be taking orders for you first small report in less than 1 week from NOW.

Check it out for yourself by Clicking Here.